About Plugin Territory Functionality

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We are developing a WordPress social media theme without using buddypress and wanted to clear Plugin Territory Functionality for our situation.

For an example: Our core plugin have built-in story system. Plugin handles story creation and etc. operations.

We are outputting story as a widget from the plugin.

Our question starts here, story system styled with tailwind CSS in our theme not in our plugin. Do we need to style that story widget in plugin? Or is it okay if it’s totally un-styled without theme?


Better to provide the default style within the theme and add the options ( css ) with the plugin but it’s really up to you. You will be required to use the plugin ( for the features ) but if you’re not planning to sell the plugin apart from the theme ( at CodeCanyon ) you can do whatever you want

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The goal of the requirements is to assure that if the client switches to a different theme in the future, he won’t lose access to the content (at least in the admin). The content does not have to be properly styled in such case, it just has to be accessible so the client can move it to a new theme / plugin / whatever. So in your case, the story has to be accessible in the admin even without your theme (just with your plugins) and story widgets should still work without your theme as well (they don’t have to be styled though). This is really about not completely locking your clients to your theme.

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Thank you for the clarification! Everything is clear for us now!