About plugin control "Please spell WordPress and WooCommerce correctly for all public facing instanc

Hello, I got this warning from envato, but I checked everywhere and I used “WooCommerce” even in the comment lines, I couldn’t find anything when I checked it with a file search, I wonder if I have forgotten this validity somewhere there for the demo site and in the explanations, but at least it will be nice if they tell where it is.


They don’t have time to fix your code - they tell what the issue is and it’s up to you to find it out.
I know, it sounds unfriendly, but what it would be mean to fix your code for you?

Just get a text editor, use the search in all files and folders tool and that’s it.

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Yes, you are right, I do not want this, but I think it might be better if they say at least a file name and a line. But of course, I agree that they have little time, so if they try hard for everyone, I think it will be more difficult to carry out this business.

My plug-in has been accepted, by the way, I’m very happy

Great - congrats! “GLWS”

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Thank you. What is “GLWS”?

Good luck with sales

Thank you, I hope it will be a good sale of.