About payment

I initially paid for a theme called topdeal multivendor eCommerce theme using my business name (wetradedeals) to register on your platform and which happens to be the name of my eCommerce website. After buying the theme successfully, I was locked out of my account and the theme also developed an error message: error(0) when I uploaded using my WordPress dashboard. I submitted a ticket for this issue and later on requested a refund which I planned to use to buy a different theme (emarket) and which I have received back in my account. Since I am still locked out of my wetradedeals account and also need a theme very urgently. I decided to open another account using my personal email. I was about to make a payment again when my account was again locked. I am currently in Nigeria and I need to buy a theme which is emarket (and no more topdeal) as soon as possible. Pls help me out. I have more than enough money for the purchase but do not understand why I have to be locked out every now and then.

Thank you


You can try with connection with purchase item author @magentech right here as a comments

hope they will helepd!

Thank you . I have contacted them but seems they are not very responsive

I didn’t see your purchased badge!! where did you purchase this item ?