About of new Envato Elements payouts

Hi everyone, you are know too Envato Elements changed payout process. We can get direct to we bank accounts the payments.

I’m wondering if Codecanyon payments can be deposited directly into our bank accounts in our currency. Like Envato Elements.

Because i getting Cedecanyon payouts from Payoneer and after i need get transfer to my bank accounts. So i’m paying many fee.

yes, you can. You have to set payout as SWIFT for bank wire transfer.

Hi @BeycanPress!

CodeCanyon currently has access to SWIFT payments, but these are USD only. All Envato Market authors should gain access to the new payment system (currently being implemented on Elements) later this year, which will make direct local currency bank transfers available to everyone.

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Got it, so it’s currently being tested on Elements and will soon be implemented across the entire Envato market. This means that we will be able to receive payments in our local currency instead of USD.