About my rejected theme (Ghost CMS)

Hello my friends,
3 days ago i uploaded my first theme in ghost blog for selling. Yesterday mail arrived and it was letter that was not accepted. So i want to learn what are the shortcomings in my item?

demo link: https://demo.atadidthis.com/



Your designs still have more quality, too small typography, colors, etc etc but you need to make your designs ghost, you can see inspiration in other themeforest approved designs to give more quality and impact.

Thanks and regards.

Hey JeriTeam,
Thanks for answer. But i could not understand that. This theme is ghost blog theme and you said that “you need to make your designs html”. Can you explain that sentence please? as i am new, so i don’t know some upload rules for themeforest.

Thanks again.

I’m sorry I was wrong and updated my message above

ghost, not html

Oh, no problem about your wrong :slight_smile: But in this link, i established ghost blog cms and i uploaded my theme with ghost codes. I could not solve where i did make mistake.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to use ghost there, I can’t help you, I think you should create a new one from scratch.

Ok JeriTeam thanks for replies. :slight_smile:

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