About Malicious Customers

hello everyone

I want to tell you a little bit today. I’ve been selling software on codecanyon for about 2 months and I’ve sold about 70 pieces so far.

I got very stressed and angry in 2 months because of some malicious users, because these users use my software, give 1 star to my product, get their money back and make me a sucker, it’s really frustrating.

1 - the customer buys the product
2 - 10 days or 1 month uses software
3 - after they are done with the software they give 1 star and force a refund or get a refund via paypal

This has happened to me a few times and I’m starting to get tired. I open a support ticket on Envato, but days later I get a response. Customers can easily give 1 star and spam comments over and over, and we cannot prevent this.

Today a user gave 1 star and reported me, my software is currently under review and I contacted again to get it active.

Codecanyon is a nice marketplace, but I think some adjustments need to be made. I just wanted to tell you because I’m too tired

Yours truly

You should implement a system based on activation / licence key that validate on your server. If the customer get refund you just block the activation key for that user.

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Would be great to have that for audio:)