About License

Hello Support Team,
I want to Purchase Shoppica – Premium OpenCart Theme. If I Purchase this theme with license, then can I use same license to installation of the Shoppica – Premium OpenCart Theme in one or more computers (Like Developer end, Testing end and Client end) or I need to buy different license for Installation of theme in different computers.

I am looking forward for your kind support as early as possible.


You have to buy a new license for each single application. A single application means one unique end product (which can be copied and made available to end users of that product). So, when you will purchase any Item you will get a license(purchase code) for that Item. You can use that license(purchase code) for your production final application, in this case no additional licenses required.

If you want to use the Item in develoment step then you can try to use that Item withour license registration. If you need to register license for getting full features then please check Item documentation is there any help article about how to deregister form development environment and register production environment.

Also you can contact your purchased Item Author. Contact Author and let them know.