About HNK theme sample data

i purchase hnk theme I install this theme on localhost with the proper method now I installing the sample data this data takes a lot of time when it installed the content is appearing but not showing the images is there any solution???


In your purchased you will not receive demo preview images instead you will see there a placeholder. Because images are only for license holder (theme author). So, you can edit those and set your own images there.


But i received slider images and the rest of images are not showing.
second thing there is not any document where they show the exact size of slider image post image size.

author can include some free images into import data. For slider most author use free images. About slider image size you can check slider size settings to know the image dimension. For another images as like post images you can use large images as like 1920x1280 or 900x600 or something as you like.

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Slider assets could well be separate if it’s via a plugin and not built into the theme

If you look in the slider settings then this Shiism tell you the slider size (image needs to fit for that)

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ok thank u :blush:

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thank u

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