About hard rejection on my site template

I have got hard rejection on my site template where i have followed all the requirement and still not get actual feedback on it. I have being more confusion while its get hard rejection and unclear about the feedback.

So, i need clear feedback and please suggest me how can i get approved with this site template.
And my link goes here:-


Hope to get clear vision on this. Thanks

Hi there:

your design is too basic, bad typography, need spacing same top and bottom all sections, etc your need practice more.


Thanks for your feedback but i try to make simple one template and these are soft rejection part but y hard rejection??

I have upload other template as well but which got soft rejection with spacing, and other feedback.
You can check my profile:-

@CN-InfoTech few of my personal thoughts after reviewing some of the pages from your template:

Note: Major issues I see in your template is spacing, alignments… too much blue… try using blue color only in CTA buttons.