About GraphicRiver earnings

How much I can earn in the first month by selling business flyers & social media posts design on the graphic river. please guide

Impossible to say as it entirely depends on that quality of the item, how you market it, if you are exclusive or non exclusive etc etc

That said those are very crowded categories

how much minimum can i earn

can you please mention some low crowded categories regarding print & digital advert designs? thanks in advance

The lowest would be $0 - there’s absolutely not guarantee that any author will definitely make any sales.

All of the in demand categories like business cards, flyers, brochures, magazines, resumes etc are going to be crowded (it’s the biggest Marketplace in the world).

The less crowded ones are less in demand so your priority should be on developing creative, original and unique items and marketing that in any way that you can

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thank you very much for explaining