About flickr images ?


Just a small Q: Can I use https://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/ for my upcoming project? Can I include this images in the main file?
Please help me…


Yes you can !
Other under CC images websites:

For flickr CC images search, this website is awesome : http://compfight.com


Realy ? Can I include this images in the main file?


I believe you can use it in a paid item, only if it’s under creative commons use including commercial use and distribution. Check the licence of the images you want to use.


Actuaaly I am going to make psd web template for TF. That`s why I need category based images , like business, nature etc. Can you suggest me some sites which allow commercial use and distribution?


@arnabkumar Check out our recommendations below:

###Asset Resources


Can I included that site`s images in main file?



See https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269510-What-Assets-Can-I-Use-In-My-Items-

Can I use an asset in the main download?

To be able to use an asset in your main download (the ZIP that gets distributed to the buyers), you must have the rights to resell the asset. Additionally, always read the license of the asset you’re using carefully to make sure there’s nothing else that might prohibit you from distributing the asset. For example, check whether the asset can be distributed in any format, or whether it needs to be incorporated into your item such that it cannot be extracted by end users on a stand-alone basis.


As I understand if there are distribution licence , then it`s ok to included in main file.
Am I right?


If the license says you can redistribute for commercial purposes you’re all set. Provide the license info to the reviewer when you submit your item and you’ll be all set. Good luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot …


they always ask me to remove the placeholder image from my graphicriver templates, even if the image is listed as CC0


Sorry, I did not read carefully. If you want to resell those images with your product, not possible. They can be used in demo presentation. But not to redistribute.


But recently one of my friends got approved a TF item with included Flickr images.