About Extended Licences or other types of licenses...

Hi guys, I need some help for understanding certain items about Envato Extended Licences.

First I need to explain my situation.

I am a developer, part of a group into Software Company (in Argentina).

Our main activity is Software on Demand, and we need to migrate one of then (desktop software) into new one (web based software).

We interesting to buy one item on CodeCanyon:


This item is exactly we are needing, for our new web based software!!

But we can few questions about use, modify, add features and more…

According to the seller itswadesh, we’ll can make changes in any part of the code as long as it satisfies the license.

However, licence its not clear:

  • We will be able to sell web based software to any customer? Customers purpose its only to use new web based software, they not be able to modify anything.
  • We will need make periodical modifications or add ons to web based software. We will be able to do this according to lincence?
  • Whats mean Number of end products = 1 product? We will need one product but this will have variations for any customers that buy our web based software. This is contemplated in the license?

Thats all for the moment

Thanks in advance!!!


Howdy. You basically need one new license every time you sell a variation to a new customer. You can make modifications, which is basically a requirement of selling it on (you can’t just sell on the software ‘as is’) so that’s no problem.

Hi friend, I’m fine, thanks.

I understood we need one new licence every time.

Last question:

Now, what kind of licence we will must buy?, Regular, Standard or Extended?


Regular would be enough