About Envato Elements Author Approval

We expect a Envato Staff Reply on this post.
We already send a request for become a envato elements author, but envato always say that we can contact with your if you selected and all time envato can’t send any mail about the status of the submission.

We have a good portfolio and created best Resume Templates and we hope if envato elements select us for a author for envato elements then elements customer can happy to download our Resume Templates, because our resume templates is unique and multiple file formats.

We hope envato elements staff reply on this post and approve us for a envato elements author.
Waiting for your positive response.
Thank you

I think envato elements item approval update your received in 3 week after submission.
I’m tagging a Envato Team member for your envato elements issue @BenLeong could you please reply this guy.

You should really contact Envato support if you want a reply from a staff member, as although staff can be found here and sometimes they’ll chip in to offer support and answer questions, the forums aren’t really a recommended support channel if you want an official staff response on something.

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While @SpaceStockFootage and @unlockdesign are completely right about contacting support, there are some VERY experienced and successful authors also trying to join elements and envato studio, without success to date

We don’t work for envato so don’t have access to internal knowledge but it would seem obvious the there will be a quote of authors and items (e.g. there are currently over 3,000 resume templates on elements already) different categories after which they will be slow to recruit more