About Deleted Items

1.I paid more than $100 for these products, but I can’t use the products have been removed and I can’t download how can they fix my victimization none of the authors accept a refund


Some of the applications I purchased are not updated and this product, which is still in 2017, is broken, does not work, does not accept returns.


because of this product I bought, when I ask the author for help, he constantly requests money, the application is incorrect and does not accept a refund, if you look at the seller’s comments, you will see

how to solve them codecanyon is able to get everyone as a writer ? i always encounter problematic people

1- Download Immediately
You should download your purchases immediately as items may be removed from time to time.
It’s stated on the download section on the right you can’t miss.

2- You can request an update from the author but it’s not guaranteed that the item will be updated. Since you have been using the item for over 2-3 years already, if the author is not updating the item, you don’t have much option to hire someone to get the item updated if you want to use it. Refund conditions only vary within 3 months ( 90 days ), it’s not life-time offer.

Although, on Mobile section, it’s a bit tricky that the items need to be updated time to time. If you’re checking the items on Mobile category, make sure the author is updating the item frequently and reviewers are good enough.
To help the others, you can contact Envato support and request an item check to prevent issues for others. They may re-review the item again and contact the author to get it updated - or removed it if it stays same

3- The item is not supported. He’s not entitled to provide the support and he has right to request additional charges. From what I read from the comments, if he’s not completing the job even he gets paid but to make sure you don’t rip off, you can get a developer from Studio with a guarantee of the job delivery.

If you make a personal agreement with the author and if you don’t get what you have asked for, there’s always court you can take the case to.

In addition, remember that you’re purchasing the codes to use it on your own. If you’re not good at Android development, it’s suggested to hire a professional for your needs.

About the refund, again, the item has been purchased 8 months ago and if you’re requesting a refund after that period, I don’t think you’d be able to get one. Most of the refund process supposed to take an action within 2-4 weeks after you purchased the item. If you wait 8 months to request a refund, it sounds like this is the same issue: