About dedicated server and CDN working together

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I’m really needing some technical help here, sorry if I’m posting on wrong place.

I’m developing a free online tool that will be useful to all Envato users that has a website, but mainly Themeforest authors that sell HTML templates. The tool is related to Pagespeed optimization and is being tightly tested against Google Insights, GTMetrix and Pingdom.

But to have this service working like a charm, I need that my domain have the quickest response time even possible. Do you know if having a dedicated server and a CDN (both together) could improve the response time of a website? I mean, this configuration technically could be better than a CDN alone?

Currently I’m using Cloudflare’s free plan and a shared hosting on Hostgator, and the server response time is about 100ms - 600ms. Since every detail is important on Pagespeed, I need it to “always” be below than 200ms. Please, understand “always” as “the very most of the time”.

Another point is: my current Cloudflare plan is Free. Does some user has experienced improvement on server response time after sign in the Cloudflare’s Pro plan? Or yet, someone has migrated from Cloudflare’s Free plan to another paid CDN and got better server response time?

Any feedback concerning these questions would be very appreciated.

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I have no experience with CloudFlare (at least, not since 2010 :stuck_out_tongue: )
However, Amazon AWS has a very well-built CDN that you may look into. Envato uses it, and pricing is based on usage at the end of each month.

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Thank you @baileyherbert, I’ll test it. I have researched about Cloudfront before, so it’s in my sight… but don’t have a clue about CDN + dedicated working together.