ABC Mobile Security

Why reviewer always reject my product?

Apk demo :

Always they do reject my product :slight_smile:
What a shame :frowning:

Well, I don’t really want to open an APK from an unknown user. I’d recommend you to remove this link, maybe the moderators don’t like that someone shares some APK’s which may be infected somehow with any viruses.

Btw.: What about posting screenshots and a list of features?

Cheers, eliteCode :blush:

I am really sorry for the above link.

Here are the some screenshots of my product.

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I am really surprise about the rejection of my product.

Even i have added many new features but still reject my product.

Waiting for 7/8 days and after that item got reject. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I think this is only happening to me on envato market.

Damn. In my opinion it’s really fine and useful too. Can you submit the reason for the reject? That’s really sad, I see you’ve invested worth times into it. It must pass.

Tell me please, what’s the reason of the reviewer for the reject. Maybe I can help you out with that to workout the reason. :blush:

Here is the comment from Envato Quality Team Reviewer :

This item has a nice concept, but doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved as a premium item.

The replied comment for my product from envato, makes me dipressed . :persevere::persevere:

Hopes also turned to ends.

With respect (and not downloading anything so only working from screenshots) the practicality seems good but the visual execution is not there yet.

There are numerous places where typography, margins, padding and other fundamentals all need quite a bit of work.

Just some examples:

  • first image: the title is not aligned nor is there proper hierarchy

  • mix of square and circular icons looks inconsistent

  • second image: padding top and bottom of content is uneven and inconsistent

  • fourth image: spacing between copy and toggle is too close

  • generally typography needs attention

So if i do changes on typography and it will be approved by envato?

Well yeah, this could be a good reason for the rejection. You’ve started a really good design, but it could be a little bit better and smarter thats true.

:star: My recommendation for you:

:one: View: ABC Mobile Security

  • “You are Protected !!” is a strange label. Change it to “You are protected” or “Protection is activated”. Sounds more professional.
  • The icons are not all uniform. The Virus Scan Symbol is a square, the others are mostly round and circles and Call Blocker is too a square. Make them all either as squares or circles: And what about FLAT icons? They look really 3D. Your app however looks flat at all. Stay uniform.

:two: View: 2017-11-17 16:01:35 (Virus Scan?)

  • The icons are not uniform again. Change them to uniform icons.
  • The margins are unequal. You’ve got margin from left, right and the bottom. But the icon is directly on the top of the row item. Make equal margins for the icons. From left, top, bottom and right the same amount of space.
  • The same with margin for the bold title. Make a margin top to the titles “Full Scan”, “SD Card Scan”, “Application Scan”
  • Last Used: 2 hours ago <- There is a big space between used: and 2 hours ago. Make only one space between it, not that large offset to the left label.

:three: View: Anti Theft

  • Why is there the Anti-Theft icon shown and not the Check Icon like at Virus Scan Screen :two:? Make it uniform again. Use for every view the unique icon you’ve set at screen :one: :slight_smile: (Make it too for the other views like wifi security etc…)
  • The AdMob Test Smart Banner is directly on the top. Make a small 10px margin top for the Ads banner. So it’s not directly close to the top.

:four: View: Wifi security

  • In my opinion it’s fine. Again the same with the AdMob banner margin top should be changed.


  • Each grid item it’s item icon on the left side has NO margin right to the label itself. Make a small margin right 5px to the right label of each app
  • Each grid SWITCH has somehow now gray background on unchecked state. Do you see the pink checked switch? It has a small pink background there when it’s checked. Set a small gray background on the unchecked switch like on the pink checked switch where it’s visible when checked


  • Well, I can’t really see any blacklisted / blocked items. I can’t give any recommendation for this. Maybe you can provide some screens of blacklisted/blocked items?

Cheers, eliteCode :blush:

Thank you soo much for inform me about my wrongs. I really wanted to identify the problems. And Now again My hope are rises after reading your above comments and suggestions.

Cheers, Pharid

Here is the new screenshot of my product homepage.

There’s no guarantee of approval because there may be other reasons the reviewer rejected it.

That said in the new screenshot are still all the issues raised earlier with alignment and inconsistency

Don’t worry, I’ll help you out. You can contact me for free at Discord. Just lookup for:

Here are MY RECOMMENDATIONS made with screenshots. Maybe this will help you out, I made it in Paint .NET that was really nervous. But I hope I can help you :blush:

Check this out. It’s your just styled flat. The icons were free to download here:
(Keep an eye for licence agreements)

Cheers and a lot of luck for this one!
eliteCode :blush:

Thank you soo much eliteCode

I will never forget this special conversation between you and me.

Keep Growing. Keep Helping. Keep Smile.


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Just Following yours suggestion and screenshots :yum::yum:

Wish the best for you! You’re doing great. You can add me on Discord to contact me for free :slight_smile: I’d like to help you on this way furthermore to your approval :blush:

Cheers, eliteCode :blush:

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Please check the messages.
need more help from you.