A5 Flyer

Flyer for upload.

hi this is basically too flat in a general way . Color combinations are not the best choice in my view, too. As for the “now open” this is not matching the shape under so that it does not look professional enough in terms of execution …
texts are too close from edges indeed … alignments are strange … and the central wave like shape is not helping u for this matter … the global organization is suffering from this indeed

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can i ask you for flat issue what should I use that solve this flat issue.

? what did u say buddy?

I was asking about the flat issue that you said “too flat”

i told u already … u have to push the envelope graphic wise in the first place and then really to work much much more on typo, hierarchy and global harmony and disposition …

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I m trying for typo, hierachy

do not try lol do it! lol kidding

but seriously i m not sure how to do it but still trying to catch it.

inspire from what other people do , work and work and work until u find decent result , there is no other recipe but this and having a look at themed tutorials too …

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