A year of rejections. Help!

Good day to all. A year of audiojungle rejections is killing me. And now, with the new upload restrictions, the situation has become even
more complicated … therefore, I just need your help. I have uploaded several new tracks to the soundcloud, and I would be very grateful
if you listen and tell me what two of them should be uploaded this month and what should be fixed. Any your comment is worth its weight
in gold


Hey LedLightMusic,

I listened to Sunny Day and noticed several issues with the track.

  1. The playing sounds too robotic.
  2. The quality of the instruments is not good enough.
  3. There’s an odd time signature change - avoid!

What you need to do to stop getting rejections is to move away from the “sounds like MIDI” vibe of your tracks.

Hope it helps and good luck!


Hey hey)

Hi There, hope you’re doing ok in these crazy times, sorry to hear about your rejections but hopeful that you’ll get some constructive criticism here.
I’m listening to “Sweet Love Memories In Heaven.” I can definitely hear that you put a lot of work into this. Great that you’re going for that “background” vibe but that melody part is way too complicated and even contains a few clashing notes. It could do with a change in chords in the breakdown bridge section to give it structure. Your mix sounds a little “muddy” to me for the kind of track it is, it needs brightening up a little.

“Happy Romantic Story” is little confusing as again, it sounds way too busy, certainly not very “romantic”. I would simplify all the parts, remember, this could be behind dialogue and as it stands it would distract from that.

“Sunny Day” again, way too “busy” and the stutters in the rhythm are very challenging to the ear, not much commercial appeal to this one as it would distract the viewer from the video. Keep it simple.

“Soft Warm Summer Nights” is much better, simple parts, easy on the ear. I would use this as a template for all your future work. Try to improve your mix and master to get them a little brighter, that would be my only suggestion.
Good luck and hope you get some success.
All the best

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Thank You)

ooh wooow! Thank You VERY MUTCH!! Thats realy helpful) I am very grateful

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Thank you guys

Your lead melodies are not following the chord progression. Lets not get into mixing and production. You need to get involved and learn basic music theory . I know it sounds a bit harsh, but these tracks are not ready for AJ repertoire.And most probably any public release. Good luck further and keep working.


Thank You

Hey there,

I think there is already some very useful feedback on here, but I also want to share some tips, as I basically started with 0 knowledge on theory and production experience, so I know how frustrating it can be from time to time.

The most helpful thing for me was to listen to a lot of the top selling tracks on here. Also sorting by upload time is great, to get a feel of what the trends are lately. You will start to notice certain “structures” and “patterns” when it comes to arrangement (for example, try to always introduce some new elements to your track all 4 or 8 bars, while keeping the chord progression & melody fairly simple, keep your tracks evolving & exciting, never repeat an exact same section etc…).

I think you already got some cool sounds on your tracks that will work pretty good on here, like the evolving synth pads and the drum sounds in your first track (maybe just decrease the reverb on the snare a bit), but there is always a ton to learn and improve when it comes to mixing and mastering, especially with the great free resources these days (90% of my knowledge probably comes from Youtube Videos lol).

If you are using a Spectrum Analyzer (“Span” is a really good one + its free) you could pull some reference tracks that fit the style youre going for into your DAW and compare it to your mixing session. Try to listen carefully, after time you will notice certain areas that you need to clear up or bring more depth to in your own mix, to reach the quality of your references.

For the “robotic” feeling that has already been pointed out here I recommend to get more deep into changing up the midi velocity and adding some automation, try to imagine how a real musician would play the instruments live and apply the dynamics to your composition. Maybe a service like splice could also be of good use to you, if you’ve got the budget for it you could even invest in something like the Kontakt Komplete package to get some high quality samples.

That being said I am far from a professional producer at this point, so take these advices with a grain of salt. But I know that it is very possible to get accepted on this site after putting in some work, practice and especially patience, so hang in and don’t pressure yourself too much!

Best Regards

Thanks a lot Frodo) Very helpful advice. Thank you for your time)

use the reference tracks! download the preview of a jungle audio track and make yours sound like the one already accepted! also use these tracks to copy the structure order (intro, drop etc.)

maybe try to use some already packaged loops and see if there is a rejection there too! try a few options

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Thank you, this is valuable advice)

I listened to “Sweet love memories in heaven” Overall the problems relate to old samples, overcomplicated playing, and too much distracting elements. If you analyze the elements that the top selling tracks have in common, it will give you insight into do’s and don’ts. Some specifics:

  1. Drum & synth samples are very basic. The massive bright reverb on the snare gives a 1980s sound, which might not be what you intended. If you’re trying to achieve a modern sound, you need to invest in modern samples - period. You don’t need to spend big, there are cheap options and regular sales from the major sample outlets.

  2. Retitle with something descriptive. Very few tracks sell based on a creative title because they usually offer no clue about the sound. “1980s synthwave” is what springs to mind with the current sound.

  3. The drum fills are distracting, and the bass/snare also change rhythm a lot. It’s better to work on a good 16-bar groove and stick to it, using uplifters/sweeps for transitions.

  4. The upfront riffs are generally very busy and vary too often (similar to the drum fills). It’s better to use riffs that are easy to digest, work well over all the chords, and syncopate consistently as part of the groove, rather than distracting melodies on top of the groove.

  5. The registers of the two melodic synth melodies are crossing each other, leading to a lot of clutter. Best is to keep your instruments in separate registers from each other. This will allow you to build good harmonic voicings.

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It’s so exciting to read reviews like this. Thank you very much for your insight and deep analysis. I very much appreciate so much time spent by you.

Hi! Every tracks - overly boosted High end and Low end. If you like, I will teach you how to correctly balance the frequency balance of each instrument, using only an equalizer with a frequency analyzer. I speak and write English badly, but I can show you in pictures or video to show how I process the instruments… Sorry for my English.

Было бы здорово) и не переживай за свой инглиш)

Я б тоже глянул эти фотографии и видео, было бы полезно, если можно)

Привет! Да, конечно. Вот ссылка EQ Instruments.

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Ну ты конечно заморочился) огромное спасибо! только открой доступ к файлу