A working way to fix a corrupt video?

What way of fixing a corrupt video do you use and works?

I tried all the solutions I found on the net (Stellar, Grau, etc). Also, I tried converting it with VPlayer, Adobe Media Encoder, Handbrake, QuickTimePlayer Pro… I even tried to reencode it via command line with ffmpeg. I even tried to upload it to Youtube, hoping that it will be automatically fixed. I also tried editing the files directly, using an HEX editor.

I have multiple videos from different cameras that are corrupted. I know some videographers, from time to time, they bring me video files to fix. I succedeed with a couple of videos, using the ffmpeg command line. But not with all :slightly_frowning_face:

All files show the same error: “moov atom not found: Invalid data found when processing input”

I appreciate any help :hugs: