A wordpress theme that can be customized to match our mockup? Image Included

Hi :sunglasses:. This is what we’re looking to achieve with our WP powered website.

  • Must be able to force all elements (widgets etc) to be semi transparent with white text
  • Sliders and optional video backgrounds in the headers etc
  • Attractive pricing tables

If you want then we can make a theme like your mockup. If you need our service please contact us.

Email: jakariakhan015@outlook.com
Skype: jakaria.khan015

Hello Ellxium,

I can’t think of any theme that exactly matches your design. You can however use a good theme like avada, add some custom tweaks and get a design like screenshot. You can also use the default 2016 theme to make these changes.

If you need some help with the tweaks I can do it for you, send me a mail @ admin@isotopethemes.com