A wordpress theme LYNK not installed and no support.

I bought a wordpress theme, LYNK. It is impossible to install the theme. Always, error message showed when I try to upload the theme. There’s no support site for LYNK too.

Is it this item? https://themeforest.net/item/lynk-social-networking-and-community-wordpress-theme/20287264

Looks like (based on the comments) that the author replies pretty quickly? What makes you think there is no support?

Presumably, you used the author’s support channel https://javothemes.com/support/register/

What is the error you get?

If you bypass the WP login page you see and go to https://javothemes.com/support/register/ then you have access to the relevant forum

I installed the theme via ftp anyway and will try to the support link. Thanks!!!