A wild RATING appears (Gotta Catch 'Em All)

Not quite sure whether to hide their sales from the buyer. But in any case, I think that for those buyers who are important only the numbers will have to sweat with the choice of the track (so the team UX told us together with one of the representatives of Envato (like it was Sarah_G (Buyers choose a track based on quality, not sales quantity and price) (I do not remember exactly which of them, I apologize if it isn’t))). Based on the choice of a track for a specific project (which should be the main thing in choosing a track), I think this is a good idea. Most (almost all) audio sites do not show the number of sales. I understand this is done for a clear choice of the buyer and that he was not distracted by the numbers and chose the track (which is needed by the buyer).
The number of sales in this case can sometimes be both positive and negative factors, it is difficult to say what would be more profitable for the author.

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Right but the way to eliminate all that “noise” is by eliminating sales figures entirely. Again, if given the option to hide my sales figures on all of my tracks in my AJ portfolio, I would elect to not display sales stats next to my item. It clearly communicates “potentially not that good” when the track has 0 sales. That can and will influence buyer behavior. I also think we all agree on this. We also know that by not displaying sales figures, Envato is encouraging more original creativity instead of copying tracks that have sold a lot.

The benefits of eliminating sales stats far outweigh the benefits of continuing to show the stats. For starters, $5 prices (to sell more units) would no longer be an ideal strategy, self buying would be squashed too. It’s OK to have popular files listed where the top seller still gets slot one on the PF charts, but is it still really required to display exactly how many times the track sold last week? Is that relevant in 2019? Is Envato asking that question of themselves in 2019?


Yeah, that’s true…

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True, fewer will be those who like someone to copy.

Also true. But on the other hand, it will be possible to choose by the selection method, what will be sold and what is not will be changed. Not ideal. Self-service, I does not think that will be completely suppressed, there is no connection.

Clever thoughts. Here I partially support.

I never got a rating… I tried to politely ask buyers to rate the items they purchased, but never got any rating. I even thought of saying: if you rate my item I’ll give you a free track :slight_smile: don’t even know if it’s allowed, it was only a thought.

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