A user referred via your referral link must not be related to you

Today I received a message with a type “Referral Cut Reversal” in my statements (the first time), but I do not understand the reason of this. The system says that a referred user is related to me, but how??? It says see Affiliate Program Terms | ThemeForest section 11d. Really, I do not understand, how it possible. Somebody can describe this situation clearly.


How is what possible? How is it possible that somebody is related to you, how is it possible that the system knows somebody is related to you, or how is it possible that you have referred somebody related to you? If you’re confident you’ve not referred somebody that is related to you or your business, then I’m guessing it’s the second one… but you’ve not made it very clear what you’re not clear about.

Have you referred a user who is related to you or your business or company? If you have, then that’ll be why. If you haven’t, then you could always contact support and see if they can help clarify.

I just asking, if somebody have the similar situation, because it’s very interesting how it could be. And one moment I do not have users are related to me or my business, because my business is selling products on codecanyon .) Anyway I will ask support about this, maybe they will shed light on this problem )))

Everyone’s business here is selling products on Envato, but a lot of us also refer new buyers… like you do, and I do. And it’s not outside the realms of possibility that one of those referred users is related to the referrer, in some way, shape or form. As a result, yes, people have been in the same situation. But if you haven’t referred somebody who is related to you, then hopefully support can sort it out.

I get those “Referral Cut Reversals” in my Statement when a user referred by me initiates a chargeback. Though in my Statement it does say that the earnings deducted due to a chargeback OR self-referral.

Assuming you have the same message on your Statement, what do you see if you go to the referred user’s profile? If you get a 404 error then most likely the user has initiated a chargeback and as a result Envato has disabled the user’s account and deducted the referral earnings you received.

Thanks guys, now I understood all )))