A theme that comes as close as possible to this website

Who can share me with his wisdom? I’m looking for a theme that I can customize as close as possible to this website.

I don’t understand , 5 posts from 10 are looking some template but everyone tell that they can customize that template.
But if you now how to customize you can choose any template any make changes.
Customize don’t mean change color , menu , few images etc.

So you are saying I should be able to find a theme that is close looking and just customize it as much as possible and I could get the website to look the same way?

No I am saying if you are web developer you will easily make all what you want without any super same templates what is your client or you searching.

Where did you read that i’m an advanced web developer who could do that? You’re on envato.com In other words the owner of Themeforest.com - a website that sells website templates for a business. Again, where did you read i’m an advanced web developer??

Do you know what it mean customization of site?
It don’t means change color and put few text , images or buttons.
It means make child template , rewrite code of that template. Put custom CSS , etc.

This site is generic, almost every theme can be used for this.