A theme for a World of Warcraft Guild

I’m looking for a theme designed for a World of Warcraft Guild management. You know, WoW Classic is just a few weeks away and there’s a lot of buzz going around for it. I’ve seen several great themes like Ludios, however, they are more catering towards eSorts or those team vs team kind of games and not MMORPGs.

What I need is some sort of a guild roster system that cater to 40+ guild members with things to keep track of like their nicknames, class, race, professions (two), DKP…etc.

Also, a raid attendance track would be helpful also loot track for each member is a great addition. A Calendar for our raiding schedule (our guild against a Raid Dungeon or a Raid Boss; instead of Team vs Team schedules available for the current themes).

Are there themes like that which I have missed? Does anyone working on such a theme since WoW classic is just around the corner?