A text overlaps a video when scrolling down

Hi there!

I’m a noob in this field so I appologize in advance for my ignorance. I am using a Wordpress Theme (Bridge) and some days ago I realized about a strange thing I can not understand. Here is the subject:

When I scroll down there is some text which overlaps the short video located on top op the page. I made my best trying to fix it but I could not :frowning:

Here is the URL of the page which I am talking about: http://gmbsconsulting.com/contacto/

Can anybody help me?

Best wishes from Spain.

There is no video on page that You link to.

Hi, Wordica:

Wow! that was a really fast answer! Thank you very much for your atention. Maybe you are visiting the URL using a mobile device. When the page is visited by someone using a laptop there is a short video in which you can see a woman with a smart phone on her hand. If the visit is made trough a mobile device the video is substituted by a photo.

If I am mistaken please, let me know.

Thanks again for your answer.

Kind regards!


No, I’m using macbook 13.3.

That sounds a bit weird. I do not know why the page does not show the video. Do you see the image of the woman with a smart phone instead?

If you do, can you see the problem which I was talking about?

Thank you very much in advance.


No, I just see blank black page and after scroll down white section “CONTACTO”.

Yes, you are right!
I have checked it with another device (this time I have used a tablet) and I am afraid you are absolutely right.

I have no idea what is going on. I think I am going to pay an extension of the service in order to get some help. I think that the root of the problem may be in other point.

Thank you very, very much for your help, Wordica. You are superb!

Cheers from Spain!

As is said, I use mabook pro laptop 13.3 , not tablet.