A System that is like a Library Management System

I’m looking for a system, similar to a Library Management System, but I have multiple companies that will need access to the system, but only maintain their own stock.
I’m happy for the system to either be a standalone or a wordpress plugin. Below highlights what I’m aiming for with each user (at a high level). Can you help please?

Users Types

  • Manages Users


  • List stock/ books
  • Manages only their stock/ books

Members/ Guest access:

  • Search stock/ books of all companies
  • Request/ contact the “owner” of the stock/ books

For that is the best make custom solution it will cost more but you will get what you need. You will dont get out of box solution. It will always missing something.

Thanks for this Zaccc.
You do wonder sometimes if you have a new idea or if it has been done before.