A Suggestion - User Experience On Forums - WHY?

From ThemeForest to Forums, I need only ONE CLICK, as you see below..:

But from Forums to ThemeForest, I need TWO CLICKS..:




Do you really think that this is good for user experience?

Or is it just a new way to confuse users even more?


I think it’s good that all the different services are listed on the forums now, since the forums aren’t solely for the marketplaces.

That being said, having the seven marketplaces appear on a sub-sub menu when you hover over “envato market” would be extremely convenient for authors and many customers alike.

I am here for more than 8 years, but it was even confusing for me for a minute.
Creating a “Bermuda Triangle” is not good "user experience"

I was on ThemeForest before clicking on the “forums” link; then please give me a way to return back. If you don’t, it’s confusing for the end user. If the intention was that, then the mission accomplished.

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Yep, I am not disagreeing with you. I’m just thinking about where to add the marketplace logos back.

Here’s what I was thinking of, personally: :smiley:



It’s (your offer) better than the current structure, but still not so user-friendly.
So many links to choose from.
Is it good? I don’t think so. It’s confusing.

This is NOT a user-friendly way to Promote Envato Services.
Oh, and we have that phrase… “OUR PRODUCTS”?
(I can also write for days about these “PROMOTIONS”, but you know…)

If I was a new-comer, I would be frustrated.
As I’ve said, a perfect “Bermuda Triangle”.

What would you suggest?

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Not this one :wink:

That ‘product switcher’ is being rolled out across all the different Envato websites, in line with the current branding guidelines from our design team - most people are already familiar with it from Envato Market. The forums aren’t a property of specific marketplaces any more, and haven’t been for a couple of years - so the new header reflects that, as we have more people entering the forums via Elements, Studio and Tuts+.

We’re also looking at more ways to get relevant links between the forums and specific marketplaces (ThemeForest links within the TF forum category, etc), but the forum-wide header currently isn’t the best place for those.


Thanks for your message and time, @BenLeong.

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