a Suggestion for Bad Rating Item

Hi Envato,
Sometime, i got a bad rating for no reason, although my item is have a lot of 4-5star.
so, i want to give a suggestion about rating item, how about to make them (buyer) to contact us (author) before give us a bad rating or maybe an option to refund it.
because sometime the problem is on buyer but they blaming us for not knowing how to use. even though they can contact us for a help, before give us a bad rating.
and how if the buyer is a people who doesn’t like us and just want to make our item looks bad? there is a possibility for that, right?
Well that’s it.
Thank You :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Yes always try to get in touch with your buyers relating your products and ask them about suggestions.

A support and help portal is always helpful. Do encourage your customers and buyers to generate a support ticket via your provided hep portal.

I have designed and developed many great support and help portals which can be seen from my business profile

For example please have a look: https://www.ranksol.com/help

If you need to have your own help and support portal please share details / let me know. I will do complete installation of my designed and developed help portal at a really cost effective and affordable price.

Please get in touch via email. Looking forward to your positive response.

the rating system is, in a way, sort of a nonsense anyways. Actually, let’s face it , most of the guys who buy items do not rate them, and most of the people who do , this is primaily people who are unsatisfied and a good deal of them are expressing negative comments when they are not entitled to do … and i know what i am talking about , as for me, my general rating is close to five stars and the only bad rating that i received was the one from a guy complaining that preview colors and downloaded flyers were not the same color, when it was not true at all (besides, it could not be anyways , since not only i am one of the very few guys left to stick to cmyk … and in addition, if such a thing had happened, my item would have been soft rejected - at least - by review teams …). The guy was also complaining that the model was not included when i had put a special mention to tell buyers that it was not … maybe the buyer could not read LOL. In other words, the bad rating (2 stars, the only one i have ever received) was completely illegitimate indeed. Normally in such case, envato , when contacted decides to take out the rating - it happened to several of my friends - but for me , without i manage to understand why , they said they could not do anything, surprisingly LOL

in addition, think about it for a second, a review system, in which you have items judged “professional” by a team of professional (reviewers) but “unjudged” by some buyers who are not always professionals , does it really make sense in a way? for me and 1 and 2 ratings make no sense at all, a 3 maybe, if this is not exactly what u are looking for , but under this is out of this world if u ask me