A song I've been editing with isn't available anymore! Help!

Hi guys!

I am not sure if I am doing this the wrong way, but when I get a video contract, I download a bunch of preview tracks on audio jungle and try em out with a few of my shots. Then I pick the best song and edit my whole video with this song. Then I send the first draft to the client to see if he wants to change stuff. I make the changes and if he likes the song and everything, I buy the rights to the song, and replace the preview song with the original in my vid.

So I have been editing a pretty big video project with the preview of this song: 17853345_upbeat-pop_by_backidaudio_preview.mp3. And now that the video is all done and ready to be released. The song isn’t available anymore on the website… I can’t buy it… https://audiojungle.net/item/upbeat-pop/17853345

That is not something I expected at all… So is there a way to contact the seller or to find the song somewhere else, cause reeditting with another song would be the worst case scenario…

Hope someone can help me.

Edit : heres a download link to the preview : https://we.tl/CjQi52UttE


I think you’ll need contact envato team for help, since there is no any tracks from the author page, or you could ask some artist from audiojungle to recreate similar track, of course with the same tempo but different melody. I think I could help with that, if needed. Best Regards, Marcin

Hi Marcin,

Thanks for the reply! I did contact Envato team yesterday, but I still havent received a response.

How long would it take for someone to recreate a similar song? The client really needs to release the video today or tomorrow :confused:



I could try to recreate it, but I need audio preview to check it first, please contact me through my email to discuss the details. My email is quosik@gmail.com

Sent! Thanks for the help.

I won’t say for sure that this is the reason this time, but it’s likely to be a, shall we say, “copyright problem”.

Unfortunately it’s more common than you’d think that people sell tracks that just aren’t theirs…

Can you post the preview here so we can listen and see if we recognize the track?

Here it is : Download link

Thanks, don’t know the track and can’t find it here on AJ. I’m testing a YouTube upload to see if it generates a Content ID match.

Anyway, the piano in the intro is terribly distorted since the author didn’t know how to properly use a limiter. If you search for 3:10 tracks on AJ you might find something to replace it with.

Thanks for the help really appreciate it!

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No Content ID match unfortunately. The tempo is 130 bpm, might make it easier to search for a replacement.

Since I saw your movie maybe search tracks for 2:47 in length, because it is the length of your video, just writing this in case you forgot :wink:

Hi again @Flumen ! I left a note on the other thread you might not seen - could you please link to your AJ portfolio?

Hi, I prefer to keep forum banter separated from the professional side of selling here.

How did it work out? Did you manage to save the project?

took your advice and replaced the song with this one : https://audiojungle.net/item/upbeat-inspiring/16546121

Thanks bro!

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Glad it worked out!