A soft rejection. Require me to reduce the project to 1 GB.

Hey, everybody. I got a soft rejection, I was asked to reduce the size of my project to 1 GB. Now it takes up 2.42 GB in the zip archive. Without the archive, the files weigh more than 4 GB. I have a large project with a lot of PSD documents with smart objects in higher resolution. And PNG images.
I see two ways out of this situation:

  1. Divide the project into parts so that 1 GB can be invested in the project and the rest can be placed on cloud storage and linked to it in a text document.
  2. Reduce the resolution of smart objects, it will lead to a deterioration of quality. And delete PNG.

Can you tell me where it says that the maximum size of the archive should not exceed 1 GB? This is the first time I’ve heard of it.
How do you get out of these situations?

I am not sure but I think the reviewer mean (4GB-1GB) = 3GB, which is the maximuim accepted file size.

Maybe I wrote it wrong. My archive has a size of 2.42 GB.

in this case please Contact Support and let them know. They will check it for you and will guide you. Thanks

one more tip -> make white layer covering all design, white layer on the top to cover everything and just name it “remove it”.

white layer will reduce PSD size about 20 - 35% - try it :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :smiley:

The support service replies with banal phrases and sends me to the forum ))
But this time I haven’t written to them yet.

In the past, I’ve had soft-rejects a couple of times because of such a white layer with “remove-me-first”, or because of completely deactivated layers. On another marketplace it is even mandatory to use this white layer to reduce the size, otherwise it is a soft-reject there.:sunglasses:

I never got soft rejection for this :slight_smile:

WT? I have uploaded over 1 GB via FTP… Successfully.

I also uploaded via FTP client.

Here is a screenshot of the response. http://prntscr.com/mrcwa7

I use FileZilla software for uploading make sure you are using correct password username…
The maximum file size is 3GB.

I think you are trying to upload your Item directly through site? I have uploaded many Items via FTP but no problem… Tell us what you are doing…

I’m loading through the Total Commander. Loading is always a success, it just needs to wait a little bit. After that, I will choose a 590 px preview, a small 80x80 px preview, an archive with work and additional images.
But the fact that the download is going well is that the inspector saw all the files and did not like the size. This is very strange because my other file weighs 1.62 GB and it was successfully accepted and sold several times https://graphicriver.net/item/smooth-organic/22607457

hmm, If you have any problems in the future, use FileZilla it’s trusted, useful,Fast. I have used several times (even on my 300 MB files) uploaded and approved successfully…
If you have any questions contact customer care and wait for their reply.
Best of Luck…