A shopping cart (php script) to sell both physical and digital products

I am looking for a shopping cart (php script )to sell both physical and digital products
Incremental shipping cost based on the quantity of the product ordered.

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Incremental shipping is easy to do with pretty much any script. Most scripts have internal weights for each item, and allow you to set shipping rates based on total cart weight. You can use this system to implement incremental shipping cost by setting each item’s weight to 1 kg/lb.

The problem then is with the need for both physical and digital items. Do you need them to be able to download the digital items from the script, or will you handle that?

If you do need to provide downloads inside the script, then I can’t find any existing items for this. You would either need to use something more fine-tuned for e-commerce (like WooCommerce on WordPress), or hire a developer.

However, if you’re fine sending and handling the digital goods manually, then you can set the weight of digital items to 0, and create a shipping rate for 0 called “No shipping”. :slight_smile: Any of the shopping cart scripts with shipping built in would work for this. To name a few:

  • PaulShop - not supported (so be careful) but has a nice and powerful admin panel and modern design.
  • DveeCart - supported, has shipping rates, but very basic bootstrap design.
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