A separate page for reporting violations.

Why not make a separate form for the message about violation of the rules “Envato” ? Why do I need to fill in the “mile” of points in order to report violations? This should look like this: the items where I paste the file references and a short description. It would deal with employees and not the community (to search for offenders). We wait for 10 days until someone uploads the same track with a different name.

As a result, my message about the violation that I wrote on the forum is blocked by the moderator, that is I’m the violator, and the tracks that I showed continue to exist. Excellent job.

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Similar comments about offenses are usually written in support, they always delete such messages on the forum (if they see) :slight_smile: And if you notice something (fraud, etc.), then for this there is DMCA. Here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822720-How-to-submit-a-valid-DMCA-takedown-notice-in-relation-to-an-Author-s-item-on-Envato-Market
Good luck!

Did you read what I wrote or just the titles ?

There’s a strict rule about “calling out” other authors, specific items and/or Envato staff on the forum. If your comment did that, then that would explain its deletion.

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