A Scheduled Upload system

I have a list of tracks that I would like to upload but not all at the same time. Is there a possibility that you can introduce a system in the future where we can schedule uploads. For example, I would like to upload a track every 3 days so once it is reviewed and approved the next track follows 3 to 4 days after. In this way, I remain consistent with uploads and I don’t have to come back every three days to upload music. I can schedule a few tracks ahead of time within in the 5 track limit and once the 5 is approved, I schedule the next 5.

Why can’t you do this for yourself? What happens if for some reason a tracks gets soft rejected and the automated process cannot go further until you manually attend to the problem or what happens if your track is hard rejected, does the automated system just plow on and upload incrementally?
I think you are better off doing it yourself to avoid any mistakes.

You still do the upload process yourself and fill out all the information but it would be nice if you can could schedule when you want it to be submitted or reviewed instead of coming back every 3 days to upload. For example I have 5 finished tracks now. If I submit them all today they will probably be reviewed and made visible at the same time or they will be few hours or a day apart, which is not recommend.

Erm - why don’t you stagger your upload process - 1 track per day. This would maximise your visibilty which is the ideal scenario. Nothing to be gained uploading more than 1 track perday apart from bulk SFX.

This is what I want to do but I think a track a day is still too much. But I don’t think you understand what I asking for. If you could schedule your uploads, you can upload multiple tracks at once and then specify which day you would like your track or tracks to be submitted for review. Similar to Youtube Studio’s Scheduling system and Facebook Studio’s scheduling system. This will help us who do this on a part-time base to select a day in a week to plan our posts and upload multiple tracks and spread them out as you suggest.

I understand what you are seeking - the review queue fluctuates during the year and the review process speeds up and then slows down due to author uploads. Jan - Apr can be busy, Sep - end of Nov very busy and so to avoid review queue lengths as in the past we have had 30+ days a restriction pf 5 tracks per author is imposed. Go Elite and you have 10 but that does not take into account of the seasonal behaviour of the queue so scheduling a review process to suit an author is not possible.