A reviewers day...


Maybe no reviewer is willing to share or explain, and maybe it is a dumb question, but i am quite curious what a reviewer’s day looks like.

  • Obviously they have the “audiojungle” watermark in their heads 24/7 and probably need help for that. I have heard rumors that a few reviewers have gone mad in the process of reviewing and have been never seen or heard of again.

  • Not to mention the pure and sheer hatred for all those happy clappy inspiration songs named “the happy” and “this inspiration”. I bet most reviewers go out on the street and punch random babies in their face to make up for this pain.

  • Or the amount of time they spend yelling at their screens when yet again a author places his tags in the “comment” section below instead of the “tags” section.

  • Suffering from epicusonomatophobia… a.k.a. Fear of the word “Epic”.

Go on reviewers, take us with you and show us what is like to be a reviewer!


Ask yourself the question: why in the forum there are people with a very high quality product and are asked to explain why he was “hard rejected”. tell me your guess.


I have no idea what you just said… piglets?


I looked up piglets.

These are piglets.

This is now a piglets thread.


Why reject a very high quality music?


Simple: Because they have a high opinion of their work for no reason, when in reality it is

a) too bad
b) not suited

for this market.

Sad truth is, many don’t even hear the difference between good and bad so they go and rant about bad reviewers, unfair treatment, blah blah.


LMAO, piglets! I’m going to write some HAPPY UKULELE CLAPPY UBEAT for that :sunglasses:


Agreed, and this was certainly not meant to be a thread for that… at all!

And in all seriousness i would love to see what the process of being a reviewer looks like.

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Me too! Must be pretty grindy I imagine… all that epicness, reversed cymbals and dotted eight delays LOL

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To understand the existence of a reviewer is to gaze into the eyes of fear itself. The average human cannot withstand such terror… they’re just not designed for such things. It’s like looking at the Ark of the Covenant when it’s opened, or holding an Infinity Stone.

It also consists of reading threads about them being incompetent and weeping uncontrollably for large portions of the day… which increases review times. It’s a thankless task reserved only for those with strong moral fibre.

Well, something like that anyway. I could be wrong.


Waking up in the morning…hmm…lets check my queue today…ahhh…good…17589 tracks for me…well goodbye all…better start working…
Joking aside, it would be a cool if we get a response :slight_smile:

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Don’t you remember this? :grin:

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Must have been interesting, but the pics aren’t visible.

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Have you ever watched Beyond Thunderdome?



That’s pretty much the Review Team :stuck_out_tongue:


There was a funny comix perfectly describing an average day of AJ reviewer. I guess Luca deleted the pictures from dropbox later, when he became the AJ reviewer himself :joy: Maybe it’s still held saved somewhere.


As a reviewer today I can confirm my intuitions were right at the time :smiley:


These pics are not visible in the old thread anymore because Dropbox dropped the Public folder feature, recently. So they went offline


Do you think they would reject an Epic Dubstep Ukulele song?


I’m not a reviewer but I got hard rejected several times and couldn’t understand why…
But I wonder, are all these tracks in a row and a reviewer picks the next one, or are they specific reviewers of let’s say corporate genre?
Can a single reviewer criticise a dubster track as well as a jazz track?
I understand that is a hard job to listen hundreds of tracks every day but it is just a matter of luck for all of us if they listen to our tracks first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening…


Can’t imagine the nightmare of listening to those muted guitar sounds for more than 6 hours a day. :rofl:

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