A rejected one house track

Hello! Yesterday Darth Vader desided to reject this one (it doesnt sound as good as Imperial March), but still i would like to ask you, how do you feel about it. Being not commercial is a BS, since its as commercial as…but maybe it just doesnt sound right? What are your thoughts?


Dude just chill. :smiley: First of all i like your track. Some coolie decent house track you got here. Further will be only my opinion, don’t take it as 100% right. I’m currently on my shitty laptop speakers and main plucks sounds too much on top of everything (i know they are main and have to be forward, but you are mixing for customers which have shitty dynamics). Probably they need to put that line in their Copy-Past which they use along with rejected message lol. Second and usual thing your track seems like a pure house, they don’t like it, they don’t care how cool your groove are (and it is cool), they need catchy pop house that they can sell. Third is there is not a lot of stuff going on, they like jobs as i call them “wall of sound” with a lot of background stuff going on. And last thing i’d say some synths arpeggios sound too oldschool. Don’t forget it’s only my opinion, you choice take it or not. :blush:
Also 3 tracks is not much at all, i got a mate that joined AJ after like 4 months and countless rejects. AJ rejecting is a good practice to make your tracks better and better, just don’t forget to sell your medicore stuff on other stocks :smiley:
Good luck with that! Don’t give up! :wink:

UPD: Also track sounds a bit quiet make it pump a bit :smiley:

looks like i am still able to wrrte messages here. Thank you. I agree. Well, i did it kida quite on purpose. So customers can use it and bump it up a little if they want. Since a lot of tracks here a horribly clipped i thought that would be a good idea. As well to keep tracks phase-phree. Well, i guess that’s all. I really appreaciate your response. Good luck to you and thanks.

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Hehe i can imagine you did it right and on purpose. :smiley: I tried to make some academic tracks myself, used all my experience and failed lol. Just try to make that horrible clipping, strangely mixed abomination and you will succeed lol.

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