A reject: Am I right?

Hi, this one got rejected and I feel very disapointed.
Am I right that maybe the vibraphone in the second part is somewhat to loud?
And/or do you see another problem? Please be gentle :slight_smile:

I think the rhythm part works not so good with the melodic part.

Hello, the drum programming is very unusual and the strings are sounding very intrusive.

mixing is bad, the harmony between instrument - horror to my ears. no offense.

:slight_smile: Good anwer.

I wasn’t aware of it sounding so bad. Maybe it’s unusual for AJ and a matter of taste. I thought the rhythm fits, but apparently it got rejected. Thanks @Enrize and @FOXYAudio. Because of the kind of comment that EvgenM and eppton gave (which are unfriendly imo), I will not ask for advice here anymore, like suggested in the review message.

Hey nice track. I like drums design here and calm mood. My opinion - melody and drums are not “glued” together because the bass is not there. I would recommend to add subtle sine-saw bass line to support the rhythm. And tone down strings,remove low freq from it and layer with pad, you can also side chain it a little with kick. Nice idea overall, it just needs a little more work! That’s imho, All the best!

Thanks @Phreaspirit for your constructive comment😀