A quiz plugin with "answers" not known yet

I want to create a quiz called “What will happen in 2016?”, in which I of course don’t know the answers at this moment.

Therefore, is there a WordPress plugin out there with this function?

There is a lot of Quiz and Surveys plugins, but haven’t found any, which doesn’t require a right or wrong answer right away.

You may check my plugin: Modal Survey
It is allows one predefined answer and one open text answer for each questions. That means, you can add a predefined “I don’t know” and a user defined answer field, that will allows to type the answer by the participant.

I need it to be multiple choice, so that won’t work, unfortunately :frowning:

Multiple choice is also available, but I don’t really understand how would you like to achieve that with user defined answer.


Question: Who will win the Euro 2016?
a) France
b) England
c) Another country

The then person can pick one, without getting points until we have the corret answer.

Does it make sense?