A quick note on recent payment Issues.

Hey folks,

Just a quick update from our end in relation to the recent DDOS issues being experienced by various payment providers. Envato did experience a small window of issues from around 11pm Friday (AEDT) until around 12:30am Saturday (AEDT) which might have impacted some customers.

According to our systems, these issues are now resolved and should not longer be effecting authors or customers.

We are monitoring the issues, but if you do experience anything strange, please let us know below :slight_smile:

More information about the issues can be found here:


I just tried to purchase Avada and was locked out of the system 22 Oct time 10.11 am eastern US time

Can you help???

Hey there. Please go ahead and open a Help Ticket for your issue and the staff will gladly assist you with this issue. We’re sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused but apparently the hit was very hard all around the world. From what I can tell you at the moment Envato is monitoring this incident and everything seems to be fine on our end! Cheers!

Would this affect authors receiving money ? I’ve just sold two broadcast and film licenses for one of my tracks, despite it coming up as two sales in my statments i have only had one of the two transactions added to my account funds.

No and yes, internal systems shouldn’t be affected. Only external payment gates could be affected by this issue. As far as I know and this can be confirmed by @matthewcoxy or @KingDog, Envato’s internal systems were not affected whatsoever. Transactions between Envato and PayPal were turned off for 15 minutes only.

PayPal was affected though, being offline this could have affected sales and payments, but authors and payments that are internal using already deposited Envato Credits were not affected.

So easier:

No internal transactions were not affected
Yes transactions coming from outside, payments directly via PayPal might have been affected.

The world is currently rebounding and things seem to be coming back to normal at the moment! :slight_smile:

Thanks Envato :slight_smile:

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