A Question?

Can anyone send items to different markets? For example, both ThemForeste and GraphicRiver.

each market has thier own item category to miantain items according to item features. So, I think same item in more than 1 market not acceptable and allowed.

Hello and thanks.
I don’t think I got it right. For example, can I send a HTML template to ThemeForest and a Logo template to GraphicRiver?

definitely you can. you can submit item to any market in envato.


hi u have different type of accounts here , exclusive and non exclusive, exclusive means that u can post your items wherever u want to potentially make revenue out of it … but in any case, u cannot do what u mentioned as marketplaces are classified according to categories and position g in the wrong category would cause that u get hard rejected … so , even if u wanted , and it did make sense, this is not possible …