A question my .psd again soft rejected themeforest.

My .psd was soft rejected:

“DOCUMENTATION: Unfortunately your documentation is not very informative and does not explain in detail how to edit your item. Please take your time to write a better documentation. Format should be PDF or HTML”

but I already fix my documentation, I upload Here I need know if approvech my sell .psd or my wrong documentation? please help me thanks :slight_smile:

  1. You have some spellling mistakes
  2. I think you should work more on your “How To Edit PSD File?” section. You should make it for people who don’t know Photoshop, explain step by step how to change text, replace images inside smart objects etc.
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Many thanks, do I can use traductor google? but I not speak english 100%

I don’t know about Google Translate, it might be dificult. You could search the web for original documentation on Photoshop like this tutorial on how to create a smart object: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/create-smart-objects.html and adapt it for your template. Screenshots are always welcome so you could make a lot of those, you don’t have to write a lot, just the essentials

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

I will make this link tutorial and screen my .psd regards :slight_smile: :innocent:

You could always send people to photoshop documenation. After you explain what you want about a section of your template you can end with: Please read more about smart objects here: – link to adobe documentation –

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I already understand you, again thanks regards.

I don’t think so. You have to explain your template but you can place a reference at the end of each section as a note like:
A more in depth documentation on smart objects can be found here: – link to adobe docs –

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Now yes I understand:

First my explain later finish

I will paste:

A more in depth documentation on smart objects can be found here: – link adobe here –

It’s ok?

Yes, something like that

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Manyyyyyy thanks, closed this forums you have good day :slight_smile: