A question logo.... I hope understand me (my bad english)...


I write search for example “dice” in logo graphicriver already find https://graphicriver.net/category/logo-templates?term=dice&view=list and “coffee” also find graphicriver, but I would idea make a logo dice with coffee for approved graphicriver? I think that not can make a logo that already approved other logos graphicriver, please help me thanks.

Any concept has the potential to be approved, but it also has the potential to be rejected. It all depends on the quality of the design and the commercial appeal. And as long as you;re not copying anybody, the content doesn’t matter too much… otherwise there would only be one logo in the world that contains a die, or one logo in the world that contains the Earth, a key, a rocket, a pencil etc.

But still, you seem determined to create logos with really abstract/obscure concepts. Dice and coffee is a bit better than burger balloon though, as there’s quite a few cafes that offer games for their customers to play. Why not try some logos aimed at designers, security firms, restaurants, photographers, delivery companies, communications providers, builders etc?

Or… why not go full abstract and do some of the following:

Mentally Disturbed Horse Computer Services
Coconut Water Robotics
Fresh Placenta Spaceflights
Pterodactyl & Sons Bathroom Supplies
Military Yoga
Black Ops Dentistry
Strong Cigarettes Fitness Centre and Spa
Solitary Confinement Guest House

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Many thanks… I will create a logo Military Yoga I love you idea :slight_smile: bur problem I not am expert illustrator and but I am not good draw, I try draw a logo my tablet illustrator :slight_smile: