A Question about the Review Process

Hello everyone,

Sorry if my question is a duplicate or the answer’s been already available and I didn’t find it. I wanted to know:
If you submit a Music item that includes multiple variations of the main piece, and the reviewer thinks the main piece is OK but the variations don’t have enough commercial quality, will the item get hard rejected or soft rejected?

It would be really helpful if any of you experienced authors could answer this.

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How can the variation differ from the main track in quality? This is the same work. Or I didn’t understand the question, or you didn’t quite understand the meaning of the word “variation”) Perhaps it makes sense to make variations when the main track is ready for 100% (by composition, arrangement and sound), then the variation simply can’t be worse in quality.

The arrangement is different in different variations and theoretically, it could also be a reason for a rejection. That’s a good question and I’m also interested.

There’s another way to ask this question. Can I create one commercially attractive main track and get crazy on other variations which are not necessarily attractive for masses? It could be a really useful ‘loophole’ giving authors more creative freedom.

Probably the answer is that reviewers judge every variation as a separate track.

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Well, imagine a shorter version of a piece that’s excerpted from a section that isn’t usable by itself in any project, or a logo version from a section that isn’t suitable for being a logo, or a loop version that can technically be looped, but doesn’t sound good when looped… These are variations that lack commercial quality IMO.

The reason I thought of this question is that my items are getting rejected with the typical “… does not meet the general commercial quality standard …” response. Now I’m more confident with the main versions of my items than with the variations, and I wanted to know that, if the problem of your item is with its variations, will the reviewer inform you about that with a soft rejection, so you can submit the item with different variations, or without them? Or will it get hard rejection?

Maybe someone has had this experience?

I don’t know, but I would just continue uploading only main versions just to test your hypothesis.

I think the only way to find out the answer is seeing if there’s been an author who’s had the experience of getting a soft rejection and being required to provide better variations or to remove them. With a hard rejection, you don’t know what’s been the actual reason.

The other way is to ask the help team, but I thought better to ask the question from the community before bothering the help team with my (seemingly peculiar :smile:) question.

It depends, but generally yes, it’s possible. Of course there is some slight margin which allows you to create little less “commercial” variations than the main track. And it depends on category and potential usage e.g. sometimes you can create variation without main lead melody or render only heavy drums from trailer track etc.

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I’m sure that if your main track is ok for the reviewer and he has some issues with your variations he will soft reject your item and he will explain his thoughts by a message.
That happened to me me two or three times…


Oh thank you so much for your answer, that’s exactly what I wanted to know! :pray: