a question about music broadcast &film licence

i just sold my First music broadcast &film licence, its great but i have a question …
in my item price it shown 240$ but in the statements
i saw that it was sold for 192$ (before aj cut)
someone could please explain to me what i missing here?


First of all congratulations!

That $240 is the list price of your item which contains the buyer fee and the item price. What you see on your statement is the item price which is 80% of the list price = $192. The buyer fee is part of the amount that Envato take.

That was a brief, here you can find more details:

so after the buyer fee there is also a author fee?
from item that cost 240$ i got 127.2$ before tax?
thats crazy…

Sounds about right, it means you get 53%. It’s the same for all licenses, your cut doesn’t change depending of the type of license you sold.

OK got it,