A question about changing item name.

Hi fellow authors :slight_smile:

I decided to change name of few of my items but then i thought about this things :

  1. Can customers still download the item from their account?

  2. How can they prove they have a license for that item if they have old name in the PDF file? (in case of adrev or similar)

  3. Please share your thoughts about other consequences i may experience.

Thank you!

1. Yes.

2. If they re-download the license file, it should have the new name, not sure though. Even if the name doesn’t update itself in the license file, there will always be the item ID that doesn’t change.

3. Changing your track name might have an influence on your sales, positive or negative influence determined by the new and old name. If the old name wasn’t search-engine friendly and the new one is, then your sales would probably go up, if the old one was and the new isn’t, then your sales might go down.

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Thank you for detailed answer! All clear now :slight_smile:

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