🌟 A poem to celebrate the birthday



It has been 1 year since WooRockets started our Envato path, had our first item approved for sale on ThemeForest. It was no easy but we are making process on improving our products from what we’ve learned.

We are truly grateful for Envato community’s support and the chances we get here. Following Envato’s poem, let’s celebrate the day with another one from WooRockets. Please excuse our clumsy words, as we are no poet. :blush:

For you are 9 and we’re just 1,
You are big brother, we’re little bro.
You bring us up, you guide us through.
Special 10 will come, to Envato and all,
Launch the rocket, together we conquer!

From WooRockets Team with :heart:

Our next goal: Get the Elite author badge and conquer the list of top popular themes!
How about you? How long have you been with Envato and what are you planning for the big 10?

A Birthday Poem

It’s a cool poem, happy birthday Envato :blush:


Congrats WooRockets and happy birthday Envato grin emoticon I like your astronaut!


Thank guys :slight_smile: I’m glad someone likes it!