A plugin to build Templates with VC (Wordpress)

I think, this idea is for devolopers that what to create something really really missing.
You all know Visual Composer, right? We use it for building our pages and posts. But why is this the limit?

Custom Post Types at a Glance

Custom Post Types for the different purposes are the killer feature of Wordpress. There are dozens of tools for creating them along with their categories, taxonomies, tags and meta fields.

When working with custom post, people have a big interest in showing their custom posts in a special way to offer fast details to readers.

An Example:
Think of a custom post type called “downloads” (or photos, or something else, sky is the limit).
We have some custom catgegories like dl_cat1, dl_cat2 and taxonimies like tax_1 and tax2. Wie also have various meta fields, something like “download_progess”, “download_rating”, “download_size”.

Now… I have my templates… search, archiv, categorie, tags, taxonomies, single

for single: I want to build the content of the single.php and after saving my work in VC, I will decide to use it as a downloads_single.php. So, the content of my default single is overwritten by this template.

Same for the content sections for the loops of archiv, cat, tag, tax, But:

I wand to decide how the loop elements are shown and what information is shown where.


  • decide between different lists, grid, masonry, blog, table views or let user switch between them
  • decide about columns, rows, gaps, overlay animation, effect, etc
  • desice what to show where: title statc unter featured image? title static above featured image?
    itltle visible on overlay on hover? same for all categories, tags, taxonomies, meta fields, standard meta data. Allow in the well known and beloves visual composer interface via drag and drop, where to place everything in the content of the single loop ite,.

And after savig, decide for what loops this is used (just as my homepage module or also show these info in search, archiv, etc?

Is there a developer that will blow the chains of wordpress templates?

btw: to make this really working with any theme, you could enable on a template by template base, what html elements is replaced by the new one.

Live Composer already does exactly this and it does it really well.

Not really, Live Composer is not very different from visual composer. It is a little slower and it can not create loop elements to style a loop with.

I already tried live composer and don´t really like it.