A Photo-based Wordpress Theme

I would like to know if they are themes that would allow a website to work in this way

At the very top there should be really just one button or function which is upload. If selected then the user is given a file select or browse to option allowing them to chose a photo. enter their name as an author. enter a caption. and upload this photo.

the rest of the page would be a series of photos arranged by order of their metadata (in particular the time and maybe day) so that a chronological appearance of these photos from earliest to latest is available as you scroll down.

AGAIN the only visible option would be for an upload button as you scroll and maybe in the corner a button for a menu like the mobile touch menu button. The menu would give pages that have more information about the event.

as you can see, this site is geared towards re-living the experience of an event (such as a launch or concert) as it unfolded where the attendees are asked to take loads of pictures and upload them. There should be no registration or sign in thing in order to make it easier for the users and it should be very mobile friendly ( ONE FOR FUTURE EXPANSION - possibly updating an app in realtime for those wishing to use the app version)

What are your recommendations to achieve this without breaking the bank ??? Is there a theme already geared for this manner of website, i have been looking around and it almost seems as if that this specific functionality for user generated photography is an afterthought to the main presentation. is it possible to develop one where this is front and center without sacrificing the rest of the bells and whistles ? have i been looking in the wrong places ???

The issue you will have is ha this is too niche and specialised for a stock marketplace.

You basically have 3 options:

  1. Custom build the ideal solution - this will, of course, be more than your average $59 but it should not be astronomically expensive (at the basic version end of where you could go with his). Try www.studio.envato.com for vetted freelancers

  2. You may be able to find front end upload functionality in a plugin somehow and then strip out a theme to the bare basics and include the plugin functionality. This would be a bit of a hack job and probably not the best solution.

  3. Again it depends on your long term goal e.g. if you want to make it an actual network or similar then you will need to invest in proper development but if it’s just for fun then you could probably do something pretty close with a Tumblr theme

Hey @charlie4282 ,

Thank you for the response

eye opening stuff

After days of searching i realized its quite niche so i believe i am onto a winner. It is for an event and i was hoping someone who already has a theme developed that closely resembles this final product in my head, would love to convert one such theme of theirs and possibly start to sell that if they feel the potential there.

I guess i can go the route of hacking a plugin together with a barebones wordpress install but as you rightly pointed out it may be a hack job and on the day of the event i would love for everything to really work well

which plugins that support front end image posting would you recommend as that is also proving notorious to narrow down

i did find this https://codecanyon.net/item/imagepress/4252736 but i suppose i could maybe even get closer with a bit more searching

Honestly, if it’s for a one off event I would suggest simply using either a Tumblr theme (where people can front upload), or there are inexpensive apps available if it doesn’t exist on codecanyon etc where you could even populate a gallery using images from twitter or Instagram that use a particular #

edit: This would do it with Instagram https://codecanyon.net/item/instagram-feed-wordpress-gallery-for-instagram/13004086 if you created a custom event # - much easier, works with any theme, more sharbale, easier for people to take part etc.

so i understood that there are easier approaches but it makes it harder on the user say for example they arent an instagram member or twitter or tumblr etc, i essentially want a pain free way to assemble the said images in a pain free accesible plattforms where you wouldnt be required to be already using a particular service or to sign up and since it would be used by some 200 people max there arent very many security concerns but while its one off, the next event we go again for a different set of people, then that set have their one off, then another event maybe we go again

the idea really is that we have a system of how we do things in a digitally inclusive yet non intrusive manner with the events we organise. each event would have a seperate website if that wasnt already clear and the most interesting part is there is no hassle for SEO etc as its not really for long term nurturing but more an experience to remember,

in terms of business approaches the implications are tremendous for established brands that want to host similar events such as a football team on the scale of real madrid signing a new player and presenting them. of course they have a lot of clout but the people who are present on the day could easily share their experience on a plattform that they wouldnt need to sign in on and see the same shots they took from different perspectives, its like a collage of the 360 VR cameras but with pictures of user generated content

more to it, intimate events like weddings would have a whole new spin

for me, as a musician, its a way of offering my fans a different experience which is the only thing i have that the major labels cant buy or do better than me lol but im sure a lot of people would disagree

any how thank you for looking in, my research will continue!