A New Way to Show Off Graphic Design Items: Envato Layers

Hey Community!

A little while ago we did a competition called Elements Layers, focused on getting you to create graphic design projects using multiple Envato Elements items, then share the items you used.

Also, a little while ago, as part of an internal Hack Week project, a group of us Envatians created a platform to show off Envato items in a different way.

One of the dilemmas we have as authors and marketers is showing off what makes individual items compelling. We’ve discovered that just putting items in front of people’s faces doesn’t always work. Instead, it’s the context those items are put in that make the penny drop for customers as to their potential.

With that in mind, our project focused on graphic design, and employed the tactic of showing the finished project items were used in, and then deconstruct them in an exciting, interactive way.

After testing the platform with our own projects, we designed Scott’s Envato Layers contest as a way to link our little project with you the community.

We went through the submissions and hand-picked some great submissions that we think deconstruct well.

And now, we invite you to take a look through them, have a play around and of course provide feedback. Please keep in mind this is an exploration of a concept more than it is anything else. It’s also not responsive just yet. It’s an experiment and a work in progress!

Now share Community. Share, share SHARE!


A huge thank you to the team at Envato who worked on this project:
Sam Parry - @smlparry
Luke Farrugia
Patrick Paevere
Monica McCormick
Emma Strybosch
Gabi Braga
and Brett Elliot

And special thanks to @scottwills who put the contest that generated these fantastic projects we’re showing off together.

Featured projects by:

Featuring Envato Elements items from:


These look cool :slight_smile: Very engaging way of presentation . . . thanks for selecting our work.

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I’m glad you like it @Themecop!

Well done on creating a beautiful project.

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