A New Track, Our 2nd Approval! What do you all think?

Hey guys and girls!

Happy to say its our second approval! Would love to know what you all think?

Also, how often do you all submit a new track for review? Curious to know how often we should be submitting??

Thanks in advance!


Nice corporate tune, mate :wink:

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Cheers mate! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Congratulations for the approval of your track :tada: nice work. Good luck for the sales :slight_smile:

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Congruts with second approval!) Good luck for sales, mate!)

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@yellowbirdaudio Nice Corporate track !))) :grinning:
I upload my items on 1 week )))
how do you upload , up to you , the main thing that this was commercial music that like people and they will want to buy it ))) cheers ))) :smiley:

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Congrats! :champagne:

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Very nice!

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Thanks @janxcode_team much appreciated! :smile:

Thanks so much @LuckyBlackCat You Rock!

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Thanks @WildLion_Production fair point, and much appreciated for you taking the time. I was also curious whether or not you have experienced more sales as a result of uploading more items in a smaller amount of time? In any case, thanks again my friend! :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy! @AlekseyZhdanov

Thanks @GT_Music Legend! :smile:

Hello! Good work!
But as for me on 1:07 drums sound is some strange)

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Hey @sergfromche Thanks for the feedback. Duly noted, not sure I totally agree. I would definitely say it contrast to the tight sounding electronic drums, however I feel the contrast helps guide the overall drum sound into the last reprise of the main theme, would you agree? Nonetheless, I appreciate your feedback buddy, something to consider on the next track perhaps. :slight_smile:

Great job! Good luck with sales!

Thanks @MikhailGraydMusic Thanking you my friend! :slight_smile:

I wanted to work, but decided to stop and think , I need it or not , download a lot of tracks that always glows on the first page , but no , I decided to make quality tracks to fit any project , I uploaded 4 days ago, two tracks before I do not download a month ! I think you need to focus on quality, not quantity , for example, when load 50 corporate month (for example), you will have competition with yourself (which is very bad) and about 50 sales at 50 tracks, and if one quality track 50 sales of 1 track which is likely to be able to get to the TOP .This is my position , I hope that helped ))) I wish you many sales !))) :slight_smile:

I think I get the gist of what you are trying to say. Obviously, quality is always paramount for me, I never work with the intention of composing for quantity over quality, so completely agree on that.

I work for a few different publishers and find that I have a lot of tracks just sitting in my back catalogue collecting dust. So I was going to use the jungle as an outlet, but only if by having more home page attention helped(ie - uploading more tracks more regularly). I already think that it is a fairly self explanatory question but just wanted some experiences from different contributors to appropriately gage the jungle. Thanks for taking the time @WildLion_Production you’re a legend buddy! :grinning:

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I agree with you.I think this drums make this moment more interesting and different. In my vision it could be not one drum shot, that to move from one part to other. But then next part seems to be more intense (in my idea). Of course its all it’s all a matter of taste , and do not argue about it :smile:
Good Luck!